Thursday, September 1, 2016

German politicians already covering up crimes by North African "refugees" since 2014

Leading North Rine-Westphalian (NRW) interior ministers were informed as early as October 2014, offenses by groups of North African men who lived in refugee camps in North Rhine-Westphalia. In order not to alarm the population, they chose to keep this information from the public. This became evident from the minutes of a Civil Liberties Committee hearing on 23 October, 2014.

The offenses included excessive consumption of alcohol, attacking and harassing citizens, shoplifting and insulting passers-by in places like Wickede, Hemer and Urbach.

The internal experts agreed at the time that such incidents could foment "fear" of refugees and shift  "the public perception tilt", according to State Secretary Nebe. Also free Democrat Joachim Stamp warned his colleagues in 2014, that such incidents could "quickly become exploited by interested parties to change the mood". We must "be happy" about "the current sensible media coverage about the increasing numbers of refugees".


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A merry muslim christmas and a happy muslim New Year (5): France

I n this final installment; to be fair, good news should also be reported. It has become a tradition on New Year's eve for scum with North African origin to set cars ablaze in the suburbs of big cities. This year however, "only" 800 cars were torched, versus 940 the year before and 1067 before that.

Of course one has to assume the French Interior Ministry is truthful in reporting and even if it is true, maybe some people had less time to torch due to being to busy harassing, raping and thieving.

A merry muslim christmas and a happy muslim New Year (4): Germany

Of course this is the place where most of the crap happened that muslims pulled, among other things thanks to Merkels invitation. In any case, covering everything that happened would make one massive post. For an elaborate overview, wikipedia is a good source. I will give a shortened version anyway.

During the 2016 New Year's Eve celebrations, around 1200 sexual assaults (including groping), at least five rapes, and numerous thefts were reported in Germany, mainly in Cologne city centre. Similar incidents were reported in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, and Bielefeld. The crimes were mostly committed by around 2000 asylum seekers and legal and illegal immigrants, many of with not necessarily from Syria but also from North African countries and generally muslim background. Of these 2000 people, less that 1% have so far been convicted thanks to the intricacies of the German justice system.

German state media AND police also initially tried to keep the events from becoming all too public, which caused massive outrage and a complete faith in the German press, which is actually Merkel's own Ministry of Truth and is now rightly known in Germany as the "Lügenpresse" or "lying press". Even the highest officials were complicit in this, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker said in a press conference that there was "no evidence that people who are residing in Cologne as refugees are amongst the perpetrators" and Cologne's police president, Wolfgang Albers, lied that "the police has no knowledge about the offenders", for which he was essentially sacked. Actually, some non German media like the BBC were also rather late to the party.

Of course, for many muslims, sexual harassment, rape and theft alone is not fun enough, so another hobby is lighting fireworks. The video below shows the madness of the situation, supposedly we are to believe many of these are refugees traumatized by war who get afraid when they hear gunshots, but they seem to have no problem firing projectiles at each other and random citizens, including women with children and prams.

There were even reports of firecrackers thrown in a pram (luckily removed in time) and unfortunately put in the clothing of women, leading to scarring for life. That deep goes the depravity of some of these people.

The kindergarten teacher suffered a 5cm gash to her right hand, after intervening to stop a firework exploding in her three-year-old’s pram. “I saw it coming and put my hand up just in time to stop it,” she said.
Less known is the way some muslim youngsters: some as old as 14 years only, decided to celebrate Christmas. In Mönchengladbach some young muslims disrupted a mass while yelling "fuck christians". The German mainstream press managed to keep that one undercover and tried to do the same with the New Year's events but failed.


A merry muslim christmas and a happy muslim New Year (3): Finland

Police in Helsinki warned that gangs consisting of adult asylum seekers men from the Arab world drive around the city and sexually harass Finnish women and underage girls systematically.

Young girls and women are contacted, persecuted and harassed in various ways. Often it is children under 15 who suffer, says Helsinki deputy police chief Ilkka Koskimäki to newspaper Ilta-Sanomat. He warns that the trend is "broad and serious". Koskimäki states that police receive several reports each week on sexual harassment by asylum seekers, but that the actual number of crimes, in fact, is probably much greater because all the victims do not go to the police.s

One can especially see the trend in the Helsinki city center and around the city's restaurants and clubs, reports to newspaper Ilta-Sanomat. The perpetrators, according to police, are adult male asylum seekers.

Just like in Cologne there were a thousand Arab men at the railway station in Helsinki during the New Year's night. Police have afterwards stated that there was "large scale" harassment in connection with the incident.

Just before New Year six Iraqi asylum seekers in accommodation Aavaranta in Kirkkonummi were suspected of "public incitement to crime" before the New Year celebrations in Helsinki. The Finnish police suspect they were planning to organize similar sex attacks as those carried out in Cologne and in many other European cities during New Year's Eve.

Last year more than 30,000 asylum seekers came to Finland, mostly from Iraq, which is about ten times more than the country received in 2014.

Translated from:

A merry muslim christmas and a happy muslim New Year (2): the Netherlands

This is Amsterdam. Yes it is, despite not a single visible native Dutch person in sight and a large group of obviously Arab men lighting off firework.

End result is this:

There were also many reports of firing fireworks at people or throwing them at them, including at women and children.

Also a 14 year old Syrian asylum seeker from the Netherlands was apparently involved in raping two 15 and 16 year old girls in Germany near the Swiss border. Ah, the joys of multiculturalism.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A merry muslim christmas and a happy muslim New Year (1): Belgium

While you may be wondering about the title, asking questions like "do muslims even celebrate Christmas", you could not be more wrong. In the first installment of what will be a series of posts regarding events in several different European countries, we will have a look at Belgium first.

On New Year's Eve a group of (most likely muslim) vandals found it funny to push a small electric car down the stairs of subway station Clemenceau in Anderlecht, Brussels. Do note that this video may have been edited by adding "Allah Akbar", which led to accusations of Belgian government station removing this from the video, but it appears to be the other way around: the original video uploaded did not contain that.

Due to the increased terror threat, there were also no fireworks in Brussels, so muslim youths thought it would be fun to use their fireworks to set a Christmas tree on fire in Anderlecht, while shouting "Allah Akbar", which this time IS genuine and WAS omitted by TV stations. So you see: muslims DO like Christmas and Christmas trees.

About five cars were also torched in Brussels, which seems child's play compared to France where muslims have made it a tradition to torch around a thousand cars on New Year's eve for the past several years at least.

So all in all, Belgium has been relatively spared from muslim "celebrations" compared to countries like France and Germany.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Many "Syrians" coming to Europe are actually North Africans

Cologne and Paris made it clear that many of the alleged Syrian asylum seekers are in reality coming from safe countries of origin in North Africa and have come only for criminal or Islamic reasons to Germany.

The mass robbing and sexual harassment in Cologne on New Year's eve, where apparently North Africans played a major role, and the failed attack in Paris by a North African asylum seeker from Germany on the anniversary of Charlie-Hebdo massacre have made ​​it clear that Germany attracts more and more Arabs from the Maghreb countries in North Africa as asylum seekers. The reason for this is not the political situation in their home countries. The three Maghreb countries Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are regarded as the most stable in the Arab world. Tunisia is also the only democratic country in the Arab world. The reason or the reasons for that mass immigration from the Islamic world to Germany are rather the welcome call of German Chancellor Angela Merkel last summer and the lack of enforcement of  the EU's external border in Greece. This has become known in the Maghreb countries.

Inhabitants of the Maghreb countries need no visa to go to Turkey, so even specially low-cost airlines have emerged in the Maghreb in recent months which transport asylum candidates - including quite a few violent Islamists - for little money to Turkey. From there it they cross the Mediterranean to Greece and then through the Balkan route to Germany. While there is a much shorter way through the two Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco, these are far better protected with meter high protective walls.

The North Africans have the advantage that they speak Arabic and therefore can pretend to be Syrians. The overloading of ministries and authorities responsible for the asylum procedure as well as the still prevailing lack of agreements mean that it can take years to notice that asylum seekers registered as Syrians are actually Moroccan or Tunisian. This was for example the case with the Charlie Hebdo attacker, who came from Morocco, reported in Germany for three years as an asylum seeker who used up to seven different names. He probably had accordingly access to many benefits, which allowed him to obtain a large arsenal of weapons.

This is not a new phenomenon. Previously, many North Africans who came in previous immigration waves to France, crossed in the 90s to Germany to apply for asylum and receive benefits for years, until their application was either approved or rejected, after the latter they returned to France.